The best shuttle service at your feet for your excursions with Passenger transport (Reisijate vedu) service.

You can expect you the best tailored service for your transfer through bus, with all the best benefits, for the transfer of your employees, management or executive staff from the highest structure.

We have a range of offers as well as buses that may provide very first line services, our owners have great experience in driving vehicles.

Our own buses have the comfort you require, they come with air cooling, comfortable car seats, special personal lighting pertaining to readers on trips at night as well as long miles.

Order a bus (Bussi tellimine), it has by no means been therefore simple, since we offer you the service to the number of people you require, to a capacity regarding 52 individuals.

If you wish to organize an excursion, the buses are the most useful for the Passenger transport (Reisijate vedu) with all the current tools with regard to information and also communication since they are equipped with microphones, for those excursions where they must inform in regards to the route and also the cultural along with historical aspects of the area that is certainly being frequented.

Among the options we offer buses with ability to 19, 28, 48 and as much as 52 seats, all the companies that we offer in our fleet of vehicles make certain that they will have slanting seats with out hindering the actual passengers who are in the again so extensive of its areas, all busses have Universal series bus, AUX and Compact disk. Our chartering of greater capacity Forty eight and Fifty-two seats have WC so that it is much more comfortable the shift when making long trips.

Special deals for the amount of day that requires the use of the transports, to the number of people and also the time for that they will require the attention, in the event that as a business you are presenting problems for the Passenger transportation (Reisijate vedu) and/or staff in your facilities we can prepare a great offer for your time that requires our attention, including happy to you to identify the route that will provide the service with regard to such travelling and so your employees and workers will likely be at the time founded by you.

Our company offers national and also international voyager transport. Check us out through our own link to learn more

Posted on December 6, 2018